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Introduction to the types of coffee

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To understand coffee, we must first understand the most basic types and common sense of coffee:

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Espresso espresso is also known as Italian coffee (from Italy). Coffee without any drink ingredients is the original flavor after the coffee powder is extracted. All coffee is derived from adding beverage ingredients to espresso. In Europe, especially Italy, I drink espresso in the morning. (After the correction of the great god, let me add that Italians have the habit of drinking espresso in the morning. I have not verified the specific amount. This habit is there.) Domestic espresso is 7g per serving, and foreign espresso is 7g per serving. Both 14g are available.

So in some sophisticated cafes, you will see that double espresso is twice the amount of espresso, which is 14g.


This is the process in which the double-headed basket is extracting coffee. One cup is espresso. Double espresso is not two cups, but two servings.

The taste of expresso is a bit sour and bitter, but at the end it will have a sweet feeling in the mouthpiece. Most people in China are not used to this acid. This is due to the texture of the coffee beans, the coarseness of the ground powder, and the weather. So if you are a girl, it is generally not recommended to drink espresso.


Espresso Con Panna Herbaline Add the right amount of whipped cream to the single espresso, which is Herbaline. This coffee is rarely available in domestic cafes because it needs fresh cream. This one will drink the cream first and then expresso. It is sweet and bitter, and tastes better than expresso. This is the opposite of the taste of olive fruit. The taste of olive fruit is weird. After eating it, the sweet aftertaste is endless and I want to go again. eat.


Machiatto: Just add two spoons of milk froth on the singel espresso. It will taste softer than expresso. Because the name of Macchiato is nice, it has been derived from it, such as Caramel Macchiato. Compared with the traditional Macchiato, the acidity of Macchiato is reduced a lot, so girls They all like this derived caramel macchiato.


Americano Americano Add plain water to single espresso. The amount of plain water depends on the coffee cup. The first time I drank it, it felt like drinking Chinese medicine. It tasted a bit weaker than expresso, and it tasted bitter and boiled after drinking. I dont feel too much, I just dont want to drink it after drinking it. One time my female college classmate went to a cafe to talk about things. She ordered American coffee. I still suggest that she change it because it is really tasteless. Instead of drinking American, I would rather drink expresso.


Flat white Australian coffee single espresso+1.5 times fresh milk (the milk here must be unprocessed fresh milk, not the so-called Mengniu breakfast milk, it is fresh milk such as Weiji), and then there will be a little bit of milk froth. The cup size of Australian coffee is slightly smaller than that of latte, but the shallow milk froth is more delicate, and many people will confuse Australian coffee with latte. If you understand it in a simple way, latte has more milk froth, and Australian style basically has no milk froth. Other expresso and milk match the same ratio. The contrast of the taste, the Australian style will be a bit heavier than the latte coffee. Those who like coffee can choose Australian style, and those who like milk can choose latte.

Cappuccino Cappuccino single espresso+0.5 times fresh milk+1.5 times milk foam Cappuccino has a lot of milk foam, a small proportion of milk, and a more obvious taste of coffee. When drinking, it is recommended to re-stir the milk foam into the cup and remix it with milk coffee (because the basic milk foam and milk have been separated after the coffee is ready and served, the milk foam alone does not taste good.) Milk and coffee mix Just fill your mouth with creamy milk foam, and you can feel the sweetness without adding sugar. By the way, the first time I heard about coffee, I heard about cappuccino. I thought the name was really nice, so when I first started learning coffee, I often drank cappuccino. In fact, it has a stronger flavor than latte. So I often can't sleep at night.


Latte latte single espresso+1.5 times fresh milk+0.5 times milk foam Latte has less milk froth and more milk. The overall feeling is that it is milky, so it is generally not better than this during competitions. Cappuccino can taste better The coffee is good or bad. It is a bit like milk with the smell of coffee, because there is no thick milk foam, so it doesn't feel very dense.

So if you compare the three Australian-style cappuccino lattes, the coffee flavor: Cappuccino>Australian>Latte. Milk flavor: Latte>Australian>Cappuccino. If there are girls, those who like milky taste of course recommend latte.

Of course, latte also has similar derivatives. For example, Piccolo Latte mini latte is single espresso + 0.75 times fresh milk + 1.25 times milk froth. Some people think that the milk taste is too heavy, so you can order the Piccolo Latte with a lighter milk taste; Breve half latte / Breve single espresso + 0.75 times hot milk + 0.75 times fresh cream + 0.5 times milk foam. Everyone knows that these two are in the latte. It is also relatively rare in China.

The only cappuccino and latte that can pull flowers and make fancy coffee, because they have milk froth on them, the barista will pull out a nice shape when they pour the milk froth at the end. So these two kinds of girls will like it better.

Mocha single espresso + 1 times fresh milk + 0.5 times chocolate sauce + 0.5 times fresh cream As a person who can't sleep at night after drinking coffee, I can drink coffee without insomnia at night. This is my favorite coffee. ,none of them. Now many stores do not put chocolate sauce, but use instant chocolate powder instead, some stores also use milk foam instead of fresh cream, so you will see single espresso+1 times fresh milk+0.5 times milk foam+ 0.5 times chocolate powder, more sophisticated stores such as Starbucks will follow the previous recipe. The taste of mocha is also the most comfortable, with a touch of coffee and chocolate fusion together, and some sweetness. This is a good choice for those who have never had coffee before.


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