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How to use the slush machine?

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commercial slush machine, also known as single slush machine and snow slush machine, is a machine that makes various juices into cool and refreshing snow-melted beverages. According to the use, it can be divided into cold and hot snow melting machine, single cooling snow melting machine and single heating machine. Snow melting machines can be divided into single-cylinder snow melting machines, double-cylinder snow melting machines, three-cylinder snow melting machines and multi-function snow melting machines according to their types. The snow melting machine is simple in operation, multi-purpose in one machine, and has a variety of varieties. It can not only produce cold snow products, but also make cold juice drinking water.

slush machine

1. Please install a place with good ventilation equipment. There must be more than 15cm space around the machine for ventilation.

2. The equipment should be installed on a level and sturdy counter, and the ground wire and leakage protection switch must be installed.

3. Please clean the juice bucket of the snow melting every day to keep it clean

4. Please use a special mechanical plug, and never use a socket together with other electrical appliances.

5. Please install it at an ambient temperature lower than 35 degrees, and the temperature of the beverage during cooling should not exceed 40 degrees.

6. It is strictly forbidden to switch to the cooling or heating working state in the heating or cooling working state, otherwise the compressor will be damaged

7. After finishing the work, the snow pellet machine should be cleaned and maintained in time to ensure the neatness of the equipment and facilitate the next use.

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