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How to use commercial juicer How to use commercial juicer correctly

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commercial juicer Detailed explanation】

There are many juices on the market that are blended with flavors or other pigments, but some shops squeeze 100% pure juice because these pure juices are relatively expensive, but they are still accepted by many consumers. Today, I will teach the merchants who are planning to open a juice shop how to use commercial juicers correctly.

1. There are two kinds of commercial juicers. The first one is after stirring, the juice and the slag are separated. Drink the juice and do not slag. The second is to stir with water, the juice is squeezed out, the juice and residue are together, you can drink together. It seems that what you wrote is squeezed out mud. It may be the second kind. When squeezing apples, you must add an appropriate amount of water to make it a juice.

2. Before use, check whether the props and filters of the commercial juicer are firmly installed. After confirming, install the cup body firmly and confirm that the food or fruit should be cut to fit the size of the entrance of the commercial juicer before juicing. The block is then placed in a commercial juicer.

commercial juicer

3. Push the food into the body of the cup, keep it moving at a constant speed, and avoid too fast and violent actions to avoid danger. Unplug the power after the food is processed, and then pour out the processed food.

4. Carefully clean the components inside and outside the commercial juicer, but avoid water flowing into the motor. Place the commercial juicer in a ventilated place away from direct sunlight to dry completely.

When using a commercial juicer, you must strictly follow the usage rules of the commercial juicer. 

To introduce you to the method of using a commercial juicer today, I hope to help the owner who is going to open a juice shop or the employee who will not use a commercial juicer. Proper use of commercial juicers to squeeze out fresh juices to customers who consume in stores, so that the financial resources will come.

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