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How to clean an ice cream vending machine?

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The ice cream machine must be cleaned in time after use. The ice cream machine has an automatic cleaning function. Press the cleaning button to clean the inside of the machine. So what should be paid attention to when cleaning the ice cream machine.
ice cream vending machine
1. Drain all the materials in the ice cream machine before cleaning. If there are materials remaining, power off for 30 minutes and clean after the ice cream melts. When cleaning, turn off the power and pull out the expansion tube.


2. When cleaning, you can add an appropriate amount of detergent or disinfectant (the disinfectant is prepared by adding clean water). When there is no air bubble in the storage tank, press the cleaning button to clean for about 5 minutes and empty the cleaning liquid. Then rinse with clean water 3 to 4 times.

3. After cleaning the parts of the ice cream machine core, pay attention to check whether the seal sleeve of the mixer is damaged, and whether each part that needs lubrication is coated with petroleum jelly.


4. After cleaning the inner cylinder and various parts, install them in order. Do not tighten the screws too tightly.

5. When using the ice cream machine again, clean the machine with clean water for about 5 minutes. After confirming that the clean water is completely discharged, add the ice cream slurry to make.

Ice cream machine is food machinery, so it is very important in terms of cleaning, because it is directly related to the health of customers. For commercial ice cream machine cleaning, it is recommended to clean it every day, regardless of whether your machine has a fresh-keeping function. It’s really troublesome, and the best way to clean the ice cream machine with the preservation function is 3 days to ensure the highest food safety standards.

Step 1: first release all the materials in the material tank and the refrigerating tank, and the output materials must be placed in the fresh-keeping cabinet, otherwise you cannot continue to use

Step 2: Add water to the ice cream machine tank, add a little more, the inside of the tank can be washed manually

Step 3: Press the cleaning room of the ice cream machine, clean for about 2~3 minutes, then pour out the cleaning water, continue to pour in clean water, press cleaning, repeat more than 3 times

Step 4: Remove the plastic head, clean every place that will come into contact with the slurry, remove all the sealing rings in the plastic head, and clean


Step 5: Before using the ice cream machine again, clean it with hot water again. The water temperature can be appropriately higher and the sterilization effect will be better.
 The structure of the ice cream machine is more complicated, and the ice cream is a dairy product. Bacteria is very easy to breed, so you must be careful when cleaning it and don’t forget any corners.



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