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Hot sale orange juice machine

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With the general improvement of the quality of life nowadays, people are increasingly pursuing a healthy and fast life concept, so a variety of juices and fruits are even more essential. Among them, orange juice is the most popular among people. As we all know, drink more orange juice There are many benefits, such as

fresh juice

1. Rich in vitamin C

2. Prevent cancer

3. Enhance immunity

4. Helps the liver

5. Reduce high blood pressure

6. Prevent ulcers

7. Relieve diabetes

8. Maintain a slim figure and firm skin

In order to achieve the best results, as we emphasized before, choose orange juice. Choose freshly squeezed orange juice instead of packaged juice. The packaged juice will lose some nutrients during the production process. For some packaged juices, some sugar or artificial sweeteners are added for the taste, which is not conducive to health. Some people think that squeezing juice at home is very troublesome and unhealthy outside, but our machine does not. Our machine can directly squeeze the juice without affecting the taste, without peeling or cutting, so you can get a glass in the fastest time Freshly squeezed orange juice~

fresh orange juice machine commercial orange juice machine

Let me introduce our juicer

Advantages of juicer:

1. New peeler

2. The sealing ring at the axle wheel prevents the juice from flowing back into the rear machine

3. Improved gear box, easy to disassemble and clean

4. Food-grade material, more comfortable to use

5. Low noise

6. Two masks to choose from

7. After using for a long time, the body will not be hot

8. High cost performance, high quality and low price, high work efficiency

Applicable scene:

Applicable to: hotels, restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, water bars, supermarkets, fruit shops, homes and other venues, small in size, very convenient to move, and does not occupy a position

Parameters of the juicer






Fruit size40-80mm

So, what are you waiting for? Come and check in the daily orange juice event!

Let us drink beauty and health together!

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