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Enjoy in the summer-into the soft world (cone soft ice cream vending machine)

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2020 hot-selling ice cream cone vending machine, this machine is very popular with young people and children, simple operation, you only need to guide how to get the egg side. (The egg cone can also be replaced with a small cup)

Bringing a hint of sweetness to this hot summer, sweet ice cream with crispy cones gives you a different feeling this summer, and our softness and hardness can be adjusted according to personal taste

cone ice cream machine


1. The equipment is small in size and light in weight of 75 kg, with casters for easy mobile handling

2.1500W power, easy to operate

3. Fast cup-out speed (about 20 seconds for a cup), continuous cup-out, saving time

4. Milk paste storage at low temperature (with a small freezer) to ensure that the milk paste does not deteriorate

cone ice cream vending machine price

5. Easy to clean

6. Ambient light with advertising screen

7. Appearance, language and payment method can be customized


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