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Do you want to have a juicer that can squeeze any fruit ?

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The centrifugal is made of aluminum with compact and reasonable internal structure .Selection of food grade stainless steel materials, which will be safety and healthy. The most important, this machine is preservative and easy to clean. Turn on the switch, and just wait a few minutes, you can get fresh, delicious juice which can be drunk in time after squeezing. The Juice yield reaches 75%, very suitable for use in hotel restaurants and juice shops.

 commercial multifunctional juicer

All kinds of fresh melon, fruit and vegetable can be squeezed. For example: watermelon, cantaloupe, apple, pear, orange, pomelo,peach, almond, pineapple, pineapple, grape, carrot, celery and so on. It's easy and convenience to operation for whole process because the volume is small. Not only get the juice quickly but also the juice and dregs will be separated. Residues will be removed automatically at the same time.  

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