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Do you peel an orange before juicing?

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The peels of oranges contain some oils that can cause pretty bad indigestion. Always peel the peels off oranges before juicing!

orange juice squeezers

Manual peeling is too cumbersome and wastes time. Our commercial orange juice machine can save you the trouble of peeling, and does not touch the orange peel during juice extraction, ensuring health and hygiene.

The Machine works as follows:

1) The automatic feeder introduces the oranges into the system;

2) Top juicers and blade cut fruit in two;

3) The blade sends both halves to the lower juicers;

4) The lower juicers squeeze the pulp of the fruit, extracting the juice;

5) The stripping guides send the shells to the garbage dump.


Whole process only takes few seconds, save your time and energy. Contact us, found out the orange juice machine you need!

orange juice squeezers

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