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Cool summer, accompanied by orange juicer machine commercial

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2000B-1 NEW orange juicer machine commercial with sensor tap

orange juicer machine commercial

Compared with our old models, this orange juicer machine has been optimized and improved

The first is that our squeeze balls are made to be strong before and after, so as to prevent the squeeze balls from moving back and forth when squeezing juice. The four-ball squeeze method also makes the juice higher, the machine is more stable to use, and the disassembly and cleaning are also very convenient. With sensor faucet and counting device, the machine looks more fashionable and more convenient to use.


The machine can squeeze about 40 oranges in one minute,

370W high power can work more than 8 hours a day, machine size 660L*640W*1720H mm, weight about 110KG, but with auxiliary wheels to help move, the whole machine uses food-grade materials; Stainless steel, nylon, let customers use more at ease, I believe our machine will become your best choice

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