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Coffee vending machine or orange juice vending machine which is more profitable

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In fact, it can be considered from two aspects:

One: Audience

For people who squeeze orange juice and coffee, coffee is more suitable for young white-collar workers. Those born in the 80s and 90s prefer it, while those born in the 60s, 70s or before in China tend to drink tea rather than coffee.

In fact, coffee is more the choice of high-end people. After all, there are coffee machines, good coffee beans, and time to make coffee and taste coffee. After all, there are few who have time, money and taste. In this part, those who like coffee will not choose self-service coffee, they will choose Starbucks.

Most people choose Starbucks, because many people drink coffee to find a comfortable and quiet place to chat or meet customers for business talks. Not for coffee but to find a place to meet and chat with friends, talk about business, and take a short break.

Freshly squeezed orange juice can be drunk by grandfathers up to 80 years old and babies as young as 8 months old, and children and adolescents before 18 years old hardly drink coffee or tea. They especially like to drink juice, whether it is taste or In terms of nutrition, they will choose to drink juice. Young people aged 18-48 choose between coffee and juice. They drink 30% of coffee while juice accounts for 70%.

The reason is actually very simple. The cost of drinking a cup of coffee is significantly higher than drinking a cup of juice. Many people choose juice because of the price. On the other hand, and the Chinese dietary habits, a large number of people have grown up drinking juice from snacks and fruits. Eating habits. Most people over the age of 50 choose to drink tea, purified water, juice, and almost none of them drink coffee!

The audience has a very decisive role. According to big data statistics, freshly squeezed orange juice machines are the most popular in the juice machine industry. The entire juice industry: freshly squeezed pear juice, apple juice, pomegranate juice, coconut juice orange juice machines, the total data of Hengchun's early experiments in the freshly squeezed juice industry is 2:8, all other juices account for 20%, orange juice accounts for 80%, which shows the popularity of freshly squeezed orange juice in the market.

coffee vending machine

One: Placement point

Coffee machines are suitable for high-end office buildings and are first-tier cities. The sales of high-end office buildings in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen should be better and more profitable than orange juice machines.

There are more places where orange juice machines can be placed. Scenic spots, hospitals, high-speed rail stations, airports, shopping malls, office buildings, commercial streets, large supermarkets, etc., there is a lot of traffic and some people stop, then the sales must be nothing, after all, orange juice is right. The crowd has nothing to ask for.

In terms of the locations of NEW SAIER freshly squeezed orange juice, the best locations are airports, scenic spots, and hospitals. Almost a single machine that sells well can not be satisfied, and there are people queuing for both machines.

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