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Coffee, are you freshly ground or brewed?

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It is believed that most of the friends first came into contact with coffee from instant coffee. Instant coffee does not require a complicated brewing process. You only need to add boiling water for a flush, and a cup of fragrant coffee will appear. There is no coffee grounds, and you can drink it directly without filtering.

For real freshly ground coffee, you need to grind the coffee beans into powder and use the corresponding tools to "boil" it yourself. So some friends are going to ask, drinking coffee, is it better to choose instant? Or choose freshly ground? What are the differences between instant coffee and freshly ground coffee?

coffee vending machine

First of all, we need to understand that most of the instant coffee on the market, whether it is pure coffee, two-in-one or three-in-one, is prepared by coffee merchants in advance according to the corresponding ratio. Instant coffee of the same brand is basically There will be no difference in taste. Freshly ground coffee is different. Different tools, different brewing methods, and even freshly ground coffee made by different baristas will end up with a different coffee taste.

The more common brewing methods are freshly ground coffee vending machines or semi-automatic coffee machines, as well as hand brewing, French press pots, siphon pots and so on. Regardless of the brewing method, even if nothing is added, the final coffee will have a strong coffee aroma, which is completely derived from the original aroma of coffee and is definitely incomparable to any instant coffee.

Freshly ground coffee is brewed by roasting coffee beans and ground into powder. Before being ground into powder, the original aroma of the coffee is contained in the coffee beans. The best coffee beans will have a thick layer after being washed out. Coffee oil! Both the taste and the nutrients are preserved relatively intact.

Either way, the freshly ground coffee will leave a part of the coffee grounds, which is the insoluble part of the coffee bean powder, and the instant coffee will filter out this part of the coffee liquid, leaving only the extract. The good coffee liquid then evaporates the water to obtain a powdery extract, which is the part that is soluble in water. During this production process, a lot of aromatic substances contained in coffee beans will be lost, so a lot of coffee aroma and taste will be lost, and a lot of nutrients will also be lost.

Although many people know that there are many benefits of freshly ground coffee, many people still choose instant coffee. First, it saves time and effort. Second, it is very convenient. Third, it is busy and green at work. So even if the taste is not good, people can still accept

But fortunately, these difficult choices can be perfectly solved with the landing of the smart fresh coffee machine.

The freshly ground coffee vending machine we are launching can effectively solve your time problem and taste problem. If you are interested, please write to us to find out. I will continue to update you with the latest coffee vending machine details.

coffee vending machine

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