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Coffee Vending Machine Vome Up in Ofice Building

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The word "coffee" comes from Arabic and means "vegetable drink". The coffee tree is native to the highlands of southwestern Ethiopia in Africa. It is said that more than a thousand years ago, a shepherd became very excited after discovering that the sheep ate a plant, and then discovered coffee.

At the end of the 16th century, coffee was introduced to Europe in the name of "Islamic wine" through the business of Venetian merchants and the Dutch. Competing with each other, the value of coffee has also risen with the tide, and even has the title of "black gold".


In 1727, A Spaniard experimented with coffee in Brazil with good results. Brazil's climate is very suitable for coffee growth, and coffee has spread rapidly in South America since then. Coffee began to become an important beverage for Europeans.

Now days,how to get a cup of cheap and tasty coffee is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. after all, Coffee is a “life-sustaining medicine” for many workers.

Recently, a coffee vending appears in our office building. It will take care at least 200 people in the same district.

Let’s have a look this bean to cup coffee vending machine.

As soon as the "big coffee machine" appeared, it attracted the attention of many partners. We tried this machine out at once.


As soon as we approached this new guy, we smelled the rich coffee aroma, which brought a touch of tenderness and comfort to the cold winter. Order a cup of mocha coffee, and the small coffee beans are ground, steamed and extracted, and transformed into cups of refreshing workplace saviors, taking away the drowsiness of the afternoon.

When we taste a little, the unique bitterness and glycolic milk flavor of coffee blows into your face, like black chocolate hitting white clouds, which is a completely different taste from instant coffee.

Not only the deliciousness of the coffee surprised us, but the price of these freshly ground coffee was the most amazing. Americano, cappuccino, latte, mocha... The coffee series are all 2 China yuan!

In addition, there are soy milk, milk, chocolate, peach juice and other 1 yuan beverages, which not only meet your breakfast needs, but also have a drink in the afternoon, or make a cup of peach oolong tea, Let them accompany with us a whole day.


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