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Automatic Orange juicer vending machine

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Aishang Orange Fruit Intelligent Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine is the latest generation of juice extractor that we introduced. It adopts whole fruit extraction technology and can visualize the automatic juice extraction system throughout.

 automatic orange juicer vending machine

Beautiful appearance, you can see the process of fruit dropping and juice extraction, strong expression, high juice yield, suitable for oranges with a diameter of 40-85mm. In this model, the engineers of Guoan Saier fully adopted the opinions and requirements of various customers. Fully combining the advantages of shopping malls, airports, supermarkets and other regions, it adopts many high-reliability technologies, such as: automatic cup falling device, fruit tray device, anti-skid device, constant temperature refrigeration of the whole machine, automatic cleaning, ozone and other high-tech. This makes our machines rarely have unresolved failure problems in daily operations, and the machine is cheap and extremely cost-effective, which is our main product.

Orange juicer vending machine

Think about how delicious it is to have a cool and delicious orange juice in this hot summer!


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