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1000C-1 Multifunctional commercial citrus juicer

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his is our newly developed Multifunctional commercial citrus juicer.


Why is it multi-functional?

1. It can squeeze oranges, lemons, kumquats and small limes of different sizes

explain: (different sizes and different pressing methods)

For example, such large-sized oranges and lemons

orange lemon juicerLime juicer

It is necessary to cut the oranges in half before squeezing the juice, but note that it is best to remove the peel to avoid affecting the taste


This small size of kumquat and lime

kumquat juicerLime juice machine

Juice can be directly squeezed, without cutting, convenient and fast


Machine advantages:

1. Small and light, easy to move

2. High juice yield, can reach about 80%

3. Adjustable squeeze ball spacing for easy operation

4. Small power and small footprint

5. Beautiful appearance


If you use it, it will bring infinite surprises to your life



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